If your company has received investor money – especially of the Venture Capital variety – there is a certain type of sales hire the investors need you to get right. It’s the sales hire who can do three things that light a fire in a growth company:

1 They can close deals quickly.

2 They can survive without (much) marketing initially and they don’t need a brand behind them to win new customers.

3 They can develop more junior, but entrepreneurial salespeople, while keeping new revenue flowing in.

This is a scarce type of salesperson to find; they are the platinum salespeople. They are usually, in executive terms, quite senior and closer to “management” than rank-and-file. But in spite of their seniority, unlike salespeople who delude themselves about what constitutes “progress” in a sales career, they can still develop new business. They can go right back to their basic business development, prospecting, customer acquisition and deal closing skills and deliver fast revenue.

Equally, while they are busy working a tight sales pipeline, they are figuring out the particular formula and playbook needed to predictably and reliably find and close new business. In their head, they are already preparing for their first 1-2 sales hires.

It’s this sequence and  combination of work and people that lights the sales fire that is predictable revenue. It doesn’t have to be “huge” revenue, just predictable and on target, on time.

Your investor wants you to get this platinum sales hire right. They want you to spend their money wisely in this way, rather than attempt to spread the same money across a ton  of “salespeople” and a VP of Sales who is an administrator, rather than an entrepreneurial business development leader, who doesn’t need the food thrown into the nest for them