Critical Sales Talent makes a major impact in a business, often at a crucial stage of its development. When hiring, most companies cast a wide net hoping to stumble across the perfect candidate. But that seldom produces the quality of sales talent you really require or who can handle the tough business development assignments.

We’re helping high-growth companies produce better hiring outcomes and sales results by enabling them to hire exclusively from Tier 1 of the sales population. 

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  • Mid & Senior Business Development Manager Roles
  • Acquisition Roles – where customer or logo acquisition is the main part of the role
  • Player-Manager Sales Roles (common in SMEs and scaling companies)
  • International Sales Roles


  • Sales Management (Team roles)
  • Sales Director
  • Chief Revenue & Chief Sales Officer roles [CRO & CSO]
  • Business Development Director
  • Inside Sales Management
  • Chief Commercial Officer [CCO]
  • CEO roles, especially where sales management is a key capability

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