The handbook is a practical tool that can be deployed (live) in a wide range of sales management situations. It covers 4 high-level issues:

Building the Common Language Sales System [Reserve Now]

  • Turning the Sales Pipeline into a Common Language
  • Commit-level Sales Forecasting System
  • Reporting for Sales: What Really Works
  • Creating an Outcomes-based Performance Culture

Sales Review Practices [Reserve Now]

  • Group & 1:1 Meetings: Agenda & Procedure
  • Individual Deal Diagnosis & Strategizing
  • Identifying Activity & Skills Gaps
  • Managing a Remote Team

Sales Hiring & Onboarding [Reserve Now]

  • Writing a Lean Sales Role Description
  • The 3+ Ideal Candidate Profile
  • The It-Takes-Two Method of New Sales Hire Selection
  • Agile Sales Onboarding: Days 1-5

Developing Sales Talent[Reserve Now]

  • The 4 Things the Sales Leader Must Teach
  • How to be a Player-Manager & Modeller
  • Handling Universal Sales Performance Issues
  • Developing an Identity: The 3600 Salesperson

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