A B2B sales team is a (human) capital asset that needs to be grown rather than a resource to be “used up”. The investment required is a combination of continuous improvement of skills and every so often, a “re-boot” of the team. A re-boot gives the team a new fresh perspective and toolkit that noticeably lifts performance in the short-term, a performance level that then can be built on over the coming months. A re-boot program can include all or some of the following topics:

Sales Process: Improve forecast accuracy, pipeline build and activity levels.

Opportunity Creation: Boost lead generation, prospecting, first appointments and new opportunity creation level.

Opportunity Capture: Re-calibrate consultative selling skills, including discovery, meeting management, stakeholder engagement management and moving deals forward.

Soft Skills: Salespeople who can act as a Respect Advisor and who bring value through a quality dialogue to prospects and customers are given more business. This level of B2B salesperson also knows how to control the process, i.e., the buyer wants to follow them, the can raise hard issues and own outcomes.

Re-Boot Your B2B Sales Team – A Sales Development Program to Lift Performance to a New Level Quickly

Audit Your Sales Process & Sales Enablement

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