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Recommended Reading

The Challenger Sale

From the newer school of insight-based selling, the Challenger Sale is relevant where you have to create the opportunity and secure clients who are prepared to invest in better results.

The Lost Art of Closing

This book specifically looks at how today’s sales professional needs to operate a process that gives them control of their prospect and client interactions, to the mutual benefit of both parties. Super framework for taking control of all those deals and opportunities that are stalled.

Consultative Selling

Many editions later, Consultative Selling outlines the main principles and practices of what we now call a customer success approach to selling. Simply the most influential book ever written on “sales”, it was the beginning of the end for selling based on features, and focusing instead on helping customers get better results.  Although most salespeople have never actually read the book, it is still influencing all good (professional) salespeople every day.

Let’s Get Real Or Let’s Not Play

Another highly influential sales text for people who see a value in studying the discipline of sales. This books gives you a framework for creating quality opportunities and for developing a realistic approach to assessing the value of an individual sales opportunity.

Getting to Closed 

The best and most influential book ever written from the science-side of selling, Steven Schiffman’s masterpiece gives you the template for building a compelling scoreboard that produces accurate sales forecasts and increases deal velocity. This book is not about “how to sell’; it’s about how to organise in order to hit your numbers. Schiffman introduced what today is called the “Kanban” sales pipeline, but he also provides the rules and disciplines you need to implement to be a successful income generator.